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Underground Plumbing Excavation from start to finish

Underground Plumbing Excavation from start to finish

MTP Servicesand Heating LLC make sure your underground excavation projects are taken care of with quality and convenience. If your lawn or sidewalk has to be dug up to repair/replace a sewer line or you need a gas line run for a grill or fireplace, look no further than MTP to make sure your grass and wallet are greener on the other side.

Preparing for an Excavation
From start to finish we make sure that the outside of your home is appropriately prepared. Our crews are equipped with camera line locators so we can inspect lines and show our customer electronically where exactly the problem is. Once we determine the location and cause of your issue, we mark-out areas on your lawn where all your underground pipes and wires are to avoid any issues. We methodically dig up the old pipe so that we can replace it with a new pipe. We want our customers to have a lasting repair, so our crew won’t just fix or patch the broken piece of pipe – we will replace all that is necessary to make sure you have flowing water or gas where it needs to be.

We handle it all for you
Before we complete any excavation project, we will submit all necessary permits and paperwork to your local township. We will arrange any necessary inspections to ensure that your repair is done right and up to code. Once approved, we will fill the repaired area and make sure we leave your property clean. In just a few short weeks it will look like no one touched your lawn or sidewalk.

We have a great group of qualified technicians and helpers that have experience with excavation jobs are there to answer all of your questions and concerns. Visit our facebook page to stay up to date with our latest underground plumbing excavation projects.

Check out our underground plumbing and excavation page for more detail and photos on large excavation projects we have completed, including the Somerset Splash Park and sewer line repair and replacements.

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