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Seasonal HVAC Maintenance Program

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The MTP Annual HVAC Maintenance Program is designed to assist our clients in managing the heating and cooling function of their house.

We visit your house two times this year to check every component of the A/C Unit (in April) and Furnace Unit (in October) and to ensure proper function and maximum efficiency. Our NATE Certified HVAC Technician will lubricate moving parts, clean out fans, inspect bearings, and confirm electrical. We will make sure your family stays COOL this summer and your electric bill stays COOLER!


A homeowner gets three distinct benefits from regularly maintaining and servicing their Air Conditioner (cooling) and Furnace (heating):


Heating and cooling expenses account for about 50% of a home’s electricity bill. The energy efficiency of Air Conditioners and Furnaces dramatically deteriorates over time without maintenance, just like a car that needs oil changes and tire rotations to remain smooth. These large appliances can lose 25-50% of their efficiency over a couple of years without proper tune-ups. Therefore a homeowner with an inefficient A/C could reduce their electricity bill from $400 per month down to $200 per month just by tuning up their aging Air Conditioner.


The wall thermostat that regulates the cooling/heating function loses accuracy over time. Regular wear and tear causes this instrument to lose its reading precision. This causes irritation for homeowners constantly needing to “play” with their temperature, and also overworks the A/C in the summertime as it can “overcool” the home. We calibrate the wall thermostat to eliminate both the irritation and overworking.


Both the air conditioner and furnace are like a car… they are mechanical equipment with multiple moving parts. Debris naturally gets in and clogs the movement, and the standard lubrication between the moving parts hardens. These issues both create extra friction and resistance for the mechanical equipment… which causes the motors to work extra hard, create loud irritating sounds, get extra wear and tear, and use up more electricity. We remove debris, clean the fans, and lubricate moving parts – reducing noise levels, reducing friction, and allowing the mechanics to operate more smoothly.

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