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Air Duct Cleaning & HVAC System Efficiency

Air Duct Cleaning & HVAC System Efficiency

While you may not realize it, Air Duct Cleaning & HVAC System Efficiency hand-in-hand. Your HVAC and air duct cleaning system work together to circulate air through your home, but it’s not just air that is getting moved. In the air we breathe there is also ‘particulate matter’, a complex mixture of extremely small particles and liquid droplets. Over time, as particulates build up on the filter in your HVAC system, your HVAC will be less efficient and have to run longer to circulate the heated or cooled air through your home. This can lead to inconsistent heating and cooling, higher utility bills, and costly repairs such as cleaning or repairing your A-coil or blower motor. Dust, dirt, dander, allergens and debris get trapped inside your ducts, and as the air circulates, these things travel over and through your duct system.

Only state-of-the-art duct vacuuming equipment is powerful enough to reach deep into your air duct system and get your Air Duct System clean and help it run more efficiently. This is a great project to take on when purchasing or moving into a new home.

Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

  • improved heating & cooling systems efficiency
  • reduced allergens
  • breathe easier
  • improved safety & sanitation
  • reduce/eliminates mold & mildew
  • remove animal dander
  • makes HVAC equipment more efficient
  • prolong life of HVAC equipment
  • helps reduce energy bills

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